Tome Time Episode 29: Sock Frenzy

Welcome to Tome Time Reading and Knitting where we discuss books, knitting, and a little sewing. Knitting content begins at 18:09.

Books discussed include The Handsome Man’s De Lux Cafe by Alexander McCall Smith and The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking.

The Lyrical KAL is drawing to a close on March 15th.

I made a Heather Dress from Sew Over It.

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Tome Time Episode 26: Rainbow Pizza

Welcome to Tome Time. We discuss books, knitting, sewing, and other crafty goodness. Knitting content begins at 27:55.

Books discussed include: Saturn Run b John Sandford and Ctein, Grumpy Cat and Pokey, Code by Charles Petzold, and Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly.

Join us for the Lyrical KAL with The Crafty Toads, running until March 15.

Finished Objects are the Country Cable Socks by Rachel Paulsel.  They are glorious! The pattern was given to me by Samantha of The Yarn Reader Podcast and the Miss Babs Sock Yarn was given to me by Jessie of the Purls Before Twine Pocast, so this pair is extra special. These socks are my January entry into the Bookend Knits Raven Cycle KAL.

Works in Progress include Hermione’s Everyday socks out of Toad Hollow Yarn in the Teeka’s Coat colorway, my Joker and the Thief shawl by Melanie Berg in Lolo Did It and Kniterature Yarns, a Bayside Pullover by Hannah Fettig in Twisted Owl Yarn in the Brothers in Blue colorway.
Training: It has been difficult to run outside due to weather and time constraints, but I have been enjoying Yoga with Adriene on YouTube.

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Tome Time Episode 27: A Little Party (Never Killed Nobody)

Welcome to Tome Time! We discuss reading, knitting, sewing, and running here every two weeks. Knitting content begins at 13:00.

Join us for the Lyrical KAL with The Crafty Toads, running until March 15.

Books discussed include: Code by Charles Petzold, Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, and The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Join the Bookend Knits for a Raven Cycles Read-along/ Knit- along!

No Finished Objects this week! Works in Progress include Hermione’s Everyday socks out of Toad Hollow Yarn in the Teeka’s Coat colorway, my Joker and the Thief shawl by Melanie Berg in Lolo Did It and Kniterature Yarns, a Bayside Pullover by Hannah Fettig in Twisted Owl Yarn in the Brothers in Blue colorway, and some vanilla socks in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silky Socks That Rock in the Flambeaux colorway.
I am solo this week as I show my knitting and talk about de-cluttering and fitting in ALL the crafts.  I have been tidying up my crafting supplies and realized that if I spend 20- 30 minutes each day on my ‘secondary’ crafts, I can get a lot done if I cycle through them by the month. February will be all about sewing, so stay tuned. Upcoming sewing will be a Sew Over It Heather Dress, some Ginger Jeans Leggings, and some other dress with big, fat roses.

Training: It has been difficult to run outside due to weather and time constraints, but I have been enjoying Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I have decided to take the 12 hour option at The Beast for a Day in May.

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Tome Time Episode 25: Less

Welcome to our show! We discuss reading, knitting, sewing, and running every two weeks. Knitting content begins at 18:00.

Books discussed include Code by Charles Petzold, Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, and Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly. Join our Lyrical Kal: knit something and relate it to song lyrics. It runs from Jan 1, 2017 to March 15, 2017.

My theme for 2017 will be less: less stress and less waste. I would also like to run distances in less time 🙂

Finished Objects: Dogster’s Gloves for Christmas and a pair of shortie socks for him out of some left-over Must Stash Yarn in the OCD2 colorway. I also finished my Cafe Mocha socks by Deb Buckingham out of a coffee themed sock blank from Blueberry Chick Yarns. I really enjoyed the process of knitting from a sock blank and the socks look and feel great.

Works in Progress: My Christmas Eve cast -on was a pair of Hermione’s Everyday socks out of Toad Hollow Yarns in the Teeka’s Coat colorway.  They are so silky and glamorous I can’t stand it! My Christmas Day sweater cast on was the Victoria Diamond pullover out of some Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Charged Cherry.  Kay from the Bede Sisters podcast and some of her listeners all cast on sweaters on Christmas Day. I also started the Country Cable Socks by Rachel Paulsel of Night Owl Fibers in some Miss Bab’s Tarte in the Oz colorway. The pattern I won in a Yarn Reader KAL and the yarn I won in a Purls Before Twine KAL so this project is extra special. It is for the Bookend Knits Read-along Knit-along for the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. Lastly, I cast on the Joker and the Thief shawl by Melanie Berg for the Tome Time and Crafty Toads Lyrical Knit Along with some yarns from Lolo Did It and Kniterature.

The Lyrical Kal began Jan. 1st and runs until March 15th. Knit anything you like and connect it to song lyrics!  Tome Time and Crafty Toads both have prize threads in our Ravelry groups and I will give away an Instagram prize on March 1st. Use #lyricalkal on IG to enter. Dogster will choose the winner based on creativity and charm. He likes pets and dragons if you want to pander to the judge.

Sewing: I have cut out the Sew Over it Heather Dress from some floral knit from LA Finch Fabrics.

Running: I am planning to attempt a 6 hour Ultra marathon in May!

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Tome Time Episode 22: Sweater Cravings

Welcome to Tome Time Reading and Knitting! Shownotes can be found at or in our Tome Time Ravelry group. I am MusingRunner on Ravelry, Twitter, The Fold Line, and Good Reads. I am Tometimereadingandknitting on Instagram.

Knitting content begins at 9:06.

Books discussed include Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and Code by Charles Petzold.

Lyrical KAL begins on January 1st. We are co-hosting this with Helen and Mary Beth of The Crafty Toads podcast.  Helen and I am knitting The Joker and The Thief by Melanie Berg, but you can knit anything that you can relate to song lyrics.  Prizes to be announced soon. We both have threads for the KAL in our Ravelry groups. Double and triple dip all you want, but no WIPS, please.

Finished objects: Main Street coffee cozy by Tin Can Knits out of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool scraps. A made up pattern coffee cozy out of Knitted Wit Worsted.  One vanilla sock out of Knit Picks Felici in Rainbow.

WIPS: All Over Cables hat by Lindsay Koehler out of leftover Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere in Bermuda Teal. Laffitte shawl by Lost City Knits, and Cafe Mocha socks by Deb Buckingham in a Blueberry Chick Yarns coffee themed sock blank.

Sewing: Ginger Flared Jeans by Closet Case Files in Cone Mills Denim from Zede’s Sewing Studio. This is the best smelling denim ever! The Republic of Chiffon Lucy Dress.

Training: I finished a half marathon in 2:35. That is pretty slow, so my time goal for Memphis is probably out the window. But, hope is the thing with feathers, so… Thanks to a generous knitting friend, I have reached my fundraising goal for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Thanks for watching and LACES.

Sprint Triathlon Race Report

My sister and I recently completed a women’s only sprint distance triathlon. This a smallish race that we have done before and enjoy. The swim in 350 meters in a pool, and the bike is a relatively flat 12 miles. The run is only two miles but has a few gentle inclines. The most challenging part of this race is that is takes place at the end of July and it is HOT.

I purposely did some runs and bike rides in the heat (with lots of hydration) so that I would be used to the race conditions. I also worked harder on my biking that I did last year with the goal of improving my bike time this year.

The swim took me about 9 minutes, just like last year and I had a little trouble getting my bike off the rack due to a really crowded bike rack, but a volunteer helped me and I was off.  About a half mile from the mount line there was a set of rail road tracks that we had to cross. Right before I got there a train showed up and a whole pack of us had to wait on a train to pass for about three minutes.  This made me nervous as my bike handling skills are not great and I didn’t want to take off in such a closely packed group. Other than someone passing on the right with no heads up (a big safety No-No), I was able to navigate the pack and stay upright on my bike at the same time.  Not subtracting the train waiting time, I still finished the bike about a minute quicker than last year. If you add the train time, I was about 4 minutes faster. I was pleased with this improvement. I also took about a minute off my run time from last year, so I was happy with my times.

This race benefits a foundation that helps children be more active and healthy, so this is a cause that I will happily support. I hope to do this race next year as well.

Tome Time Reading and Knitting: Episode 11

Do you want to have a book swap? If so, please let me know in comments or in the Tome Time Ravelry group.  Sign up by June 30th to participate!

I have joined Instagram under the name of Tometimereadingandknitting.  I am Musingrunner on Ravelry, Twitter, Good Reads, and The Fold Line.

Knitting chat begins at 11:50.

Books mentioned:  Drowned City graphic novel by Don Brown, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave by Stephanie Barron, the Hound of the Baskerville by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Finished Objects: Vanilla socks in Blueberry Chick Yarns in the Umbrella Drinks at the Swim Up Bar for the Down Cellar Studio’s Splash Pad Party ’16.

Works in Progress: Zinone by Andi Satterlund in Quince and Co. Sparrow linen yarn in the Fundi color for the Outfit Along 2016 hosted by Lauren of the Lladybird blog and Andi of Untangling Knots.

Marooned by Hunter Hammersen in Vice Yarns Geraldo colorway. These are pair #6 of my 12 for Vollenvine’s Little Box of Socks KAL on the Yarngasm podcast.

Surprise Strips by Anna Johanna with my sock scraps.

Lafitte shawl by Denise Bell of Lost City Knits out of Lost City Knits Oak Barn Merino lace yarn.

Sewing: Simplicity 1607 in a bird print knit from Girl Charlee.  Next up is the Hollyburn skirt from Sewaholic patterns in some cotton lawn from Robert Kaufman.

Spinning: Organic alpaca and Polwarth from Owl About Yarn in the Sea Glass colorway. I am planning in spinning this in a heavy fingering weight two-ply for a shawl. I am looking for suggestions for a shawl pattern that is good for a variegated handspun yarn.

Training:  I am in training for a women’s sprint triathlon at the end of July.  It will be a hot one! Dogster wants to try out for the track and archery teams next year.

Thanks for watching!




J is for Jogging vs. Training

I haven’t written much about fitness lately because I have been more focused on knitting, reading, and sewing lately. I have still been running, in fact, my focus this year has been on getting a little faster and stronger for short races so that I can perform better in longer events next year.  However, the first few months of this year, I was mostly just jogging. You know, running without a real purpose other than to exercise. Which is fine! It is healthy, enjoyable, and usually won’t get you arrested.

BUT, if I want to get faster, I need to train my body to run faster by RUNNING FASTER. It’s amazing how that works, right?  For me, the difference between just messing around with my running shoes on and actually training is having an upcoming race on the horizon.

So, in order to get my butt in gear (workout gear, of course!) I have a 5K in two weeks and a sprint distance triathlon at the end of July for which to train. I will need a few more races sprinkled in the summer and fall to keep me honest, but I will choose those in May and June. About one a month is perfect for me, it keeps me going, but doesn’t get too expensive or travel intensive. Until then, happy training for whatever sport you love.

DON’T FORGET, Daisey is giving one of you a patter from her shop, Oxeyedaisey. Go there, look around, get exited, and leave a comment about which one is your favorite. The drawing will be on April 30, so don’t wait!


The Week in Motion

wd 001
That is absolutely NOT the sag wagon in the background. I am sure it is for the photographers. 

So, it has been awhile since I have written about my fitness endeavors. But, as it is a new year (18 days old is still pretty new, guys) I thought I would get back to posting about my running and whatnot. The photo is from a Warrior Dash that my running girls and I did together several years ago.  Since then, our little running group has expanded into a sure enough running CLUB!  We are called Sole 2 Soul and so far I have missed every group run because of work stuff, but a few of us are heading to a trail run soon.

My personal running goals for 2016 are to actually log my miles for the whole year. I always start out pretty well with keeping track and then just can’t be bothered.  I run the miles, I just don’t write them down.  I also would like to get my 5K time down and to lose a few lbs. (Of course.) I also want to focus more on strength training as I have let that slide over the last year.  When I am bent over at the waist at the end of a half marathon because my back is too tired to hold me up, I need some core strength.

Look for more fitness posts, and if you are just here for the yarny, sewy stuff, just skip Mondays. Happy training!

Half-Marathon Training

br oct 011

In three weeks I will take off on my seventh half-marathon adventure. Although, one can and does, argue that 13.1 miles is not HALF of anything! I have been loosely using the Another Mother Runner’s Half-Marathon Own It training plan from the book Train Like a Mother. I say loosely because I have been using it more like a suggestion than an actual plan.  Basically, I have been having trouble getting in more than 20 miles per week and my long runs are not so long these days.

However, I loosely used it last February for the East Texas Half and ended up with a PR, so anything can happen on race day, right? Actually, I will probably run about like I have been training on race day, which is usually the case, but I am good with that this time around.

As my son gets older, he is more involved in extra-curricular activities and if I have to sacrifice some running time for that kind of stuff, I will earn my Mommy merit badge. What, no badges? Well, someone drove me to cheer practice, ball games, piano lessons, etc. for years, so let’s just say I am paying it forward. Actually, I love to watch him do his stuff. Add your typical proud mom platitudes here.

I haven’t forgotten about the Torching Ten challenge (in which I try to lose ten pounds), I just forgot how much I like to eat. I am down four pounds and have been hanging out there for awhile. The plan is for this post to get me motivated to push those numbers to double digits. So, expect more here about running and nutrition soon. Happy training!