Outlander Mystery Shawl


This is the Outlander Mystery Shawl by Rachel Roden knit in Madeline Tosh Pashmina. I knit this last year, but never took any photos until recently. I wear this A LOT! In the future, I think I will only knit larger size shawls because I wear them more than my smaller ones.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy, so I don’t have any photos of the few things that I have finished. With luck, and nice weather, I can take some photos this weekend.  Until then, happy knitting!




Watching the Yarngasm video podcast and the Tiny Paper Foxes video podcast have had me itching to spin. The problem is my Ashford student spindle was great to learn on, but is too heavy to spin the thinner yarns that I want to spin. I bought a smaller drop spindle last May at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival, but it is almost too light.

So, I recently purchased a 3D printed mini Turkish drop spindle from Turtle Made.  I had to do some research on how to use one, as it is my first Turkish spindle, but once I had a little knowledge (dangerous, I know!) I was ready to go.  I can spin much finer singles on this ity bity spindle and it spins for a LOOONG time. The light blue yarn on the smaller drop spindle was plied on itself from the cop made by the Turkish spindle. It is the thinnest, most consistent yarn that I have ever spun!

I am waiting for more fiber in the mail (any maybe another spindle…), but in the meantime, I am loving getting to know my new spindle.  I am also spinning some larger singles on my Ashford.  All fiber shown came from The Wooly Witch. Her ‘sweet roll’ rolags are very nice to spin and the colors are gorgeous. Happy spinning!


A Raverly Equivalent for Sewists?

Have you heard of The Fold Line?  One of the former employees of Sew Over It has started this new sewing community, and so far it looks pretty promising.  I have tried to use My Sewing Circle off and on for about a year and it is just too clunky.

I haven’t spent a lot of time at The Fold Line yet, as I just heard about it a week or so ago, but these are my reflections so far:

  1. Forums similar to Ravelry Groups.  This Site is based in the UK, but does offer groups for sewing enthusiasts from all over the world.
  2. Pattern reviews – I just browsed the reviews and read one about the Malborough Bra from Orange Lingerie which is a pattern on my 2016 wish list.
  3. An actual pattern wishlist – I added the pattern to my wishlist with one click.
  4. Fun stuff – sewing city maps, sewing playlists, and the free sewing artwork by Emily Muir. I used her work for the photo on this post!

Obviously, what makes Raverly so special is the community of knitters and crocheters that are connected there. I have not explored The Fold Line long enough to speak to that aspect, but I plan to soon.  You can find me there as musingrunner.  Happy Sewing!Bobbin_Emily_Muir_desktop1


The Week in Motion

wd 001
That is absolutely NOT the sag wagon in the background. I am sure it is for the photographers. 

So, it has been awhile since I have written about my fitness endeavors. But, as it is a new year (18 days old is still pretty new, guys) I thought I would get back to posting about my running and whatnot. The photo is from a Warrior Dash that my running girls and I did together several years ago.  Since then, our little running group has expanded into a sure enough running CLUB!  We are called Sole 2 Soul and so far I have missed every group run because of work stuff, but a few of us are heading to a trail run soon.

My personal running goals for 2016 are to actually log my miles for the whole year. I always start out pretty well with keeping track and then just can’t be bothered.  I run the miles, I just don’t write them down.  I also would like to get my 5K time down and to lose a few lbs. (Of course.) I also want to focus more on strength training as I have let that slide over the last year.  When I am bent over at the waist at the end of a half marathon because my back is too tired to hold me up, I need some core strength.

Look for more fitness posts, and if you are just here for the yarny, sewy stuff, just skip Mondays. Happy training!

My Next Handmade Outfit

My next handmade outfit has been copied inspired by Jenny from the Tiny Paper Foxes podcast. In one of her first episodes, she wore the Imogen Tee by Carrie Bostick Hoge of Quince and Co.  As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the design and knew I wanted to knit one. I already had a skein of Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Cobalt, so it was easy to pick up two more at my local yarn shop.

I have been seeing this Mystery Food print from Cotton and Steel around the internet for awhile and I have always liked it.  When I found it in a blue and white, I thought it would be perfect as Simplicity 1717 to go with my Imogen Tee. I have made Simplicity 1717 before with some funky vintage fabric that my husband’s grandmother gave me out of her sewing stash. I lined it with some plain cotton because it was a little sheer, and it worked out well. I plan on lining my octopus version with some lining fabric from Mood, so that I can wear tights underneath it and it won’t cling.

I don’t have any deadline for myself for this project as I have lots going on at work right now and still need to adjust the waistband on my Ginger Jeans. There are also LOTS of lingerie items being planned for later in the year! Happy Sewing.


dress 004

This is my “I’m not sure about this” face. This is my interpretation of Simplicity 2338. I spent so much time matching the plaid and making sure that the center pleats and folds ended up in a logical place in the pattern. When it was done, I was so disappointed in how 80’s it looked, that I put it in the closet for several months.

dress 016

Over my holiday break the weather finally cooled off, so the flannel dress looked more appealing. I put the finishing touches on it and wore it to work today. I was really surprised to get a few compliments. The real win was how soft and comfortable this dress is to wear. I rocked it my boot socks and called it “Granny Grunge.”

This whole experience makes me rethink why I like what I like. Is it comfort, fit, style, how I feel others perceive me? A mix of these to be sure. While this is not my most stylish or flattering make, it will get worn because it is work appropriate and easy to wear.  The cozy flannel isn’t hurting anybody, either.

How do you decide if a garment is success?