Tome Time Episode 46: Christmas Eve Eve

Welcome to Tome Time! You can find me as MusingRunner on Raverly, Good Reads, and Twitter, and on IG as tometimereadingandknitting. Knitting content begins at 7:45.

Dogster joins me today as we discuss The Push by Tommy Caldwell and Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle.

I have finished the Kodiak Kisses Hat by KnitsNKnacks. I started my Comfort Fade Cardi and continue on the Ramble shawl; both by Andrea Mowry.

My Advent socks are almost done! I am sewing some pajama shorts for Dogster as he has outgrown the last pair I made for him and all his hand-knit socks.

My running streak continues and is giving me lots of energy (and a few aches). Thanks for watching and LACES (Like and Comment Everyday, Subscribe!)


Tome Time Episode 44

Welcome to Tome Time Reading and Knitting Podcast. I have been super busy parenting, but I’m back with a short update of my reading, knitting, sewing, and running.


The book that I have finished is Eldest by Christopher Paolini. The knitting content begins at 3:27.

I finished two pair of socks, started a So Faded pullover, the Ramble Shawl (both by Andrea Mowry), and the Jelly Roll socks by Orange Knits.

I am almost done sewing the Deer and Doe Bleuet Dress out of some crazy circuit board print poplin. I ran the Heroes Half Marathon in my average half marathon time and am trying to get a little faster for a Hot Chocolate 15K race in February.

Find me on Ravelry, Twitter, Good Reads, and The Fold Line as MusingRunner. On IG, search for tometimereadingandknitting. Thanks for watching and LACES!