Tome Time Reading and Knitting Episode 32: DFW Newbie

Welcome to Tome Time, were I discuss reading and knitting! In this episode I shared what I learned about attending the Dallas Fort Worth Fiber Fest and trying to meet people as an introvert.

Knitting content begins at 19:05.

Books discussed include The Seventh Unicorn by Kelly Jones, The Cipher by John C. Ford, and Serafina and the Twisted Staff by Robert Beatty. Dogster makes a brief appearance but doesn’t feel like podcasting today.

I show the beautiful yarn treasures that I bought at DFW Fiber Fest.

I am hosting a Vintage Make Along beginning June 1st, 2017.

Join us in the Ravelry group for Tome Time Reading and Knitting. You can find me as MusingRunner on Twitter, Raverly, GoodReads, and The Fold Line. I am Tometimereadingandknitting on Instagram. Thanks for watching and LACES (Like and Comment Everyday, Subscribe!)
Please comment with book recommendations below OR in the Ravelry group.


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