Tome Time Episode 22: Sweater Cravings

Welcome to Tome Time Reading and Knitting! Shownotes can be found at or in our Tome Time Ravelry group. I am MusingRunner on Ravelry, Twitter, The Fold Line, and Good Reads. I am Tometimereadingandknitting on Instagram.

Knitting content begins at 9:06.

Books discussed include Passenger by Alexandra Bracken and Code by Charles Petzold.

Lyrical KAL begins on January 1st. We are co-hosting this with Helen and Mary Beth of The Crafty Toads podcast.  Helen and I am knitting The Joker and The Thief by Melanie Berg, but you can knit anything that you can relate to song lyrics.  Prizes to be announced soon. We both have threads for the KAL in our Ravelry groups. Double and triple dip all you want, but no WIPS, please.

Finished objects: Main Street coffee cozy by Tin Can Knits out of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool scraps. A made up pattern coffee cozy out of Knitted Wit Worsted.  One vanilla sock out of Knit Picks Felici in Rainbow.

WIPS: All Over Cables hat by Lindsay Koehler out of leftover Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere in Bermuda Teal. Laffitte shawl by Lost City Knits, and Cafe Mocha socks by Deb Buckingham in a Blueberry Chick Yarns coffee themed sock blank.

Sewing: Ginger Flared Jeans by Closet Case Files in Cone Mills Denim from Zede’s Sewing Studio. This is the best smelling denim ever! The Republic of Chiffon Lucy Dress.

Training: I finished a half marathon in 2:35. That is pretty slow, so my time goal for Memphis is probably out the window. But, hope is the thing with feathers, so… Thanks to a generous knitting friend, I have reached my fundraising goal for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Thanks for watching and LACES.


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