Sprint Triathlon Race Report

My sister and I recently completed a women’s only sprint distance triathlon. This a smallish race that we have done before and enjoy. The swim in 350 meters in a pool, and the bike is a relatively flat 12 miles. The run is only two miles but has a few gentle inclines. The most challenging part of this race is that is takes place at the end of July and it is HOT.

I purposely did some runs and bike rides in the heat (with lots of hydration) so that I would be used to the race conditions. I also worked harder on my biking that I did last year with the goal of improving my bike time this year.

The swim took me about 9 minutes, just like last year and I had a little trouble getting my bike off the rack due to a really crowded bike rack, but a volunteer helped me and I was off.  About a half mile from the mount line there was a set of rail road tracks that we had to cross. Right before I got there a train showed up and a whole pack of us had to wait on a train to pass for about three minutes.  This made me nervous as my bike handling skills are not great and I didn’t want to take off in such a closely packed group. Other than someone passing on the right with no heads up (a big safety No-No), I was able to navigate the pack and stay upright on my bike at the same time.  Not subtracting the train waiting time, I still finished the bike about a minute quicker than last year. If you add the train time, I was about 4 minutes faster. I was pleased with this improvement. I also took about a minute off my run time from last year, so I was happy with my times.

This race benefits a foundation that helps children be more active and healthy, so this is a cause that I will happily support. I hope to do this race next year as well.


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