V is for Vanilla Socks (and more)

Mostly when I knit, I like to knit stockinette in the round. It is peaceful, it is comforting, it is mindless. I can knit while my husband drives or in the movie theater. I can knit while I read a book or watch a YouTube video. Plain, vanilla socks are my go-to knitting when I need a soothing knit. The socks I just made for my sister fit that bill exactly:

1.5 inches of 2 x 2 ribbing (twisted rib if I am feeling sassy), about 6 inches of leg, put in some waste yarn for an afterthought heel, 6.5 inches of foot, put in a toe, pick up and knit the heel. Boom, sock.

However, sometimes I want a more flavorful sock. A sock with toppings, you could say. Then I look to Hunter Hammersen, the queen of flavorful socks.  I own lots of her patterns and a couple of her books and am a true fangirl.  The next of her patterns that I plan on knitting is Marooned. I already have yarn for it, and am just waiting until my quick worsted weight house socks are done. After all, a little salt really brings out the flavor of vanilla.



2 thoughts on “V is for Vanilla Socks (and more)

  1. Hunter Hammersen’s patterns are STUNNING! So are Cookie A’s if you’re feeling adventurous. What color yarn do you have picked out for this next sock?

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