J is for Jogging vs. Training

I haven’t written much about fitness lately because I have been more focused on knitting, reading, and sewing lately. I have still been running, in fact, my focus this year has been on getting a little faster and stronger for short races so that I can perform better in longer events next year.  However, the first few months of this year, I was mostly just jogging. You know, running without a real purpose other than to exercise. Which is fine! It is healthy, enjoyable, and usually won’t get you arrested.

BUT, if I want to get faster, I need to train my body to run faster by RUNNING FASTER. It’s amazing how that works, right?  For me, the difference between just messing around with my running shoes on and actually training is having an upcoming race on the horizon.

So, in order to get my butt in gear (workout gear, of course!) I have a 5K in two weeks and a sprint distance triathlon at the end of July for which to train. I will need a few more races sprinkled in the summer and fall to keep me honest, but I will choose those in May and June. About one a month is perfect for me, it keeps me going, but doesn’t get too expensive or travel intensive. Until then, happy training for whatever sport you love.

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One thought on “J is for Jogging vs. Training

  1. You definitely do have to do some faster runs to get faster, but don’t forget that slow runs ALSO help make you faster. I have to remind myself of this a lot too. Best of luck with your upcoming races!

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