F is for The Fold Line

A few weeks ago, I wrote about The Fold Line, a new digital sewing community. I have been visiting there almost as much as I pop into Ravelry. Today I wanted to highlight a few of the features that I find useful.

  1. The pattern search feature: You can search patterns by type of garment, type of pattern (pdf or print), body type designer, sewing time, amount of fabric, and a few other attributes. I love to put in PDF and pear shape and just see what comes up.
  2. Which leads me to the next feature: The wishlist! With one click I can add patterns to my wishlist, which can be found under my profile. I use this to save patterns that I like, but am not ready to buy. So far, I have 11 patterns on my wishlist!
  3. A new feature is called Sewing Resources and includes Pattern Hacks. This section is arranged by designer and shows all the pattern hacks for each pattern in one place. Genius!

If you join The Fold Line or are already there, you can find me as musingrunner. Happy sewing!


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