Y is for YouTube

I have been loving some video podcasts hosted on YouTube for the past few months.  Due to my work and parenting responsibilities, I have been doing a lot of my running on the treadmill lately and video podcasts make that time go by much faster. Some of my favorites:


The Corner of Knit and Tea

The Bookish Stitcher

Sew Over It

Stitching Between Pages

Inside Number 23

If you are not familiar with any of these ladies and their work, go try them out!

Also, please don’t forget about my little podcast with my son: Tome Time Reading and Knitting! Happy viewing.




V is for Vanilla Socks (and more)

Mostly when I knit, I like to knit stockinette in the round. It is peaceful, it is comforting, it is mindless. I can knit while my husband drives or in the movie theater. I can knit while I read a book or watch a YouTube video. Plain, vanilla socks are my go-to knitting when I need a soothing knit. The socks I just made for my sister fit that bill exactly:

1.5 inches of 2 x 2 ribbing (twisted rib if I am feeling sassy), about 6 inches of leg, put in some waste yarn for an afterthought heel, 6.5 inches of foot, put in a toe, pick up and knit the heel. Boom, sock.

However, sometimes I want a more flavorful sock. A sock with toppings, you could say. Then I look to Hunter Hammersen, the queen of flavorful socks.  I own lots of her patterns and a couple of her books and am a true fangirl.  The next of her patterns that I plan on knitting is Marooned. I already have yarn for it, and am just waiting until my quick worsted weight house socks are done. After all, a little salt really brings out the flavor of vanilla.


R is for Rocket Chix Triathlon

Last summer, my sister and I competed in the Rocket Chix Triathlon. This is an all female, sprint distance triathlon on the campus of Louisiana State University. This year, we are headed back for more and my only goal is to improve my time from last year.  I have already been working on my running speed, but the next step is to get my bike tuned up and get back on the road. I will be taking care of that chore this weekend. Happy training!

Q is for Quick Socks

wips 024

A few weeks ago I made my mother a pair of worsted weight, around the house socks. I used Knitted Wit worsted yarn in the Monet’s Garden colorway. They knit up SO quickly, and were so beautiful. I had a hard time giving them to her, but she is my MOM, so I passed them on.

However, the last time I was in my local yarn store I found myself at the intersection of another skein of Monet’s Garden and a huge sale. It was fate. Knitting fate. The best kind.

Soon, my mom and I will have matching socks. That will make a good picture! Happy knitting.


P is for Projects

Today’s entry is a collage of my current projects in the works! Enjoy. I am sure you will be hearing more about all of them soon. Don’t forget:  You can still enter to win a mask pattern like the Dragon mask below from Daisey at Oxeyedaisey. Just visit her shop and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite.  Drawing is April 30th.