Marlborough Bra by Orange Lingerie

My previous bra makes have all been soft bras, and while they fit well and are comfortable, I don’t really wear them that much. I wear store bought underwire bras every day, so I thought I would try the Marlborough Bra from Orange Lingerie.

Based on my measurements, I cut a size 38B to test the pattern fit. As you can see in the top bra, it was way too small. Too small to even finish, which is a shame because it is really pretty. The teal mesh bra on the bottom is a 40C, with a pinch taken out of the side of the power bar and a softened lower cup curve.  The fit is pretty good, except for a little too much fullness in the upper cut. This, however, could be due to the fact that I used mesh and just doubled it to get a clean edge instead of using lace stabilized with clear elastic as the pattern calls for.

While this bra looks quite pretty laid flat, I think it looks very matronly on. I will make at least one more version, with lace, and see if I like the look better, but my heart is already set on trying the Boylston Bra, which looks a little more like my ready to wear bras.


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