Quick Socks


Around the house socks for my mom out of Knitted Wit Worsted in the Monet’s Garden colorway.


Outlander Mystery Shawl


This is the Outlander Mystery Shawl by Rachel Roden knit in Madeline Tosh Pashmina. I knit this last year, but never took any photos until recently. I wear this A LOT! In the future, I think I will only knit larger size shawls because I wear them more than my smaller ones.

Work has been keeping me pretty busy, so I don’t have any photos of the few things that I have finished. With luck, and nice weather, I can take some photos this weekend.  Until then, happy knitting!




Watching the Yarngasm video podcast and the Tiny Paper Foxes video podcast have had me itching to spin. The problem is my Ashford student spindle was great to learn on, but is too heavy to spin the thinner yarns that I want to spin. I bought a smaller drop spindle last May at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival, but it is almost too light.

So, I recently purchased a 3D printed mini Turkish drop spindle from Turtle Made.  I had to do some research on how to use one, as it is my first Turkish spindle, but once I had a little knowledge (dangerous, I know!) I was ready to go.  I can spin much finer singles on this ity bity spindle and it spins for a LOOONG time. The light blue yarn on the smaller drop spindle was plied on itself from the cop made by the Turkish spindle. It is the thinnest, most consistent yarn that I have ever spun!

I am waiting for more fiber in the mail (any maybe another spindle…), but in the meantime, I am loving getting to know my new spindle.  I am also spinning some larger singles on my Ashford.  All fiber shown came from The Wooly Witch. Her ‘sweet roll’ rolags are very nice to spin and the colors are gorgeous. Happy spinning!