A Raverly Equivalent for Sewists?

Have you heard of The Fold Line?  One of the former employees of Sew Over It has started this new sewing community, and so far it looks pretty promising.  I have tried to use My Sewing Circle off and on for about a year and it is just too clunky.

I haven’t spent a lot of time at The Fold Line yet, as I just heard about it a week or so ago, but these are my reflections so far:

  1. Forums similar to Ravelry Groups.  This Site is based in the UK, but does offer groups for sewing enthusiasts from all over the world.
  2. Pattern reviews – I just browsed the reviews and read one about the Malborough Bra from Orange Lingerie which is a pattern on my 2016 wish list.
  3. An actual pattern wishlist – I added the pattern to my wishlist with one click.
  4. Fun stuff – sewing city maps, sewing playlists, and the free sewing artwork by Emily Muir. I used her work for the photo on this post!

Obviously, what makes Raverly so special is the community of knitters and crocheters that are connected there. I have not explored The Fold Line long enough to speak to that aspect, but I plan to soon.  You can find me there as musingrunner.  Happy Sewing!Bobbin_Emily_Muir_desktop1



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