The Week in Motion

wd 001
That is absolutely NOT the sag wagon in the background. I am sure it is for the photographers. 

So, it has been awhile since I have written about my fitness endeavors. But, as it is a new year (18 days old is still pretty new, guys) I thought I would get back to posting about my running and whatnot. The photo is from a Warrior Dash that my running girls and I did together several years ago.  Since then, our little running group has expanded into a sure enough running CLUB!  We are called Sole 2 Soul and so far I have missed every group run because of work stuff, but a few of us are heading to a trail run soon.

My personal running goals for 2016 are to actually log my miles for the whole year. I always start out pretty well with keeping track and then just can’t be bothered.  I run the miles, I just don’t write them down.  I also would like to get my 5K time down and to lose a few lbs. (Of course.) I also want to focus more on strength training as I have let that slide over the last year.  When I am bent over at the waist at the end of a half marathon because my back is too tired to hold me up, I need some core strength.

Look for more fitness posts, and if you are just here for the yarny, sewy stuff, just skip Mondays. Happy training!


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