dress 004

This is my “I’m not sure about this” face. This is my interpretation of Simplicity 2338. I spent so much time matching the plaid and making sure that the center pleats and folds ended up in a logical place in the pattern. When it was done, I was so disappointed in how 80’s it looked, that I put it in the closet for several months.

dress 016

Over my holiday break the weather finally cooled off, so the flannel dress looked more appealing. I put the finishing touches on it and wore it to work today. I was really surprised to get a few compliments. The real win was how soft and comfortable this dress is to wear. I rocked it my boot socks and called it “Granny Grunge.”

This whole experience makes me rethink why I like what I like. Is it comfort, fit, style, how I feel others perceive me? A mix of these to be sure. While this is not my most stylish or flattering make, it will get worn because it is work appropriate and easy to wear.  The cozy flannel isn’t hurting anybody, either.

How do you decide if a garment is success?


2 thoughts on “Matronly

  1. I think it’s a success if your hand reaches for it in the wardrobe. I think it looks great and you can definitely be put off something if you make it out of season. Very nice! And remember the styling of some of the 80’s is back on trend!!

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