Simplicity 1014

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Photo by: My son, his chosen blog name is Dogster. 

While shopping for some last minute cotton to finish up the zipper bags for my friends’ Christmas gifts, I saw this rayon/spandex mix and thought it would be good to use for trying out Simplicity 1014.

The pattern calls for more yardage than was left on the bolt, so I had to cut the cowl part on the bias, which led to some weirdness in the way it hangs.

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As a test of the pattern though, I think it was a success. The fit of this style is very easy and flowing. I think it is a little too wide at the arm-scythe which leads to some wrinkling. The shoulder seams of my tops NEVER sit on my shoulder, they are usually falling of off my arms. I think that may lead to my major fitting issues with tops (including hand knits). It is possible that my body is narrow in that area in relation to my bust size.  However, when I look at this photo, it looks a little tight in the bust, so who knows?  Do you know?  If so, please leave a comment because this is my major fitting issue for my top half. 

The bottom line is I would make this pattern again. I don’t think that large print is doing me any favors, so I would stick to a small scale print, or a solid color. It would make great weekend wear with leggings or even skinny jeans. Gingers, maybe?

A Christmas Chuck


This is my Chuck, by Andi Satterlund, almost ready for Christmas.  I am knitting a large in Quince and Co. Lark in the Peacock color. My bust measurements (38 inches) were between a size medium and large, so I went up to a large because I plan to wear it over a dress or shirt.

The yarn is lovely to work with and I am very happy with the color. The body of the sweater fits very well, but there is some weirdness going on the arm scythe. This area is typically where I have fitting issues, even on ready to wear garments. Hopefully, you guys can help me determine what the problem is when I post finished pics later this week. Until then, happy knitting!