Ginger Jeans Muslin

According the Heather Lou, of Closet Case Files, I am now a sewing ninja! These photos are awful. My son took them when he really just wanted to get back to playing Lego, but the second set I took using my tripod were worse. Those crotch wrinkles were from me having my hands in my pockets. Not a good pose for showing off a sewing pattern…

deer 006

I wore these all day today and they are very comfy. I need to add back pocket rivets because I like to put things in my back pockets and I don’t want them to tear. I just need to find my awl. (That is not something I get to type often!)  I am not sure how they will wash and wear because they are made from the cheapest materials that I could lay my hands on. They were my learning pair of Gingers. My next pair will be my lasting pair (hopefully).

deer 009
Pockets are too low, but just look at that top-stitching! 

Now, how ’bout that Fraser Sweatshirt by Sewaholic?  I LOVE it and it did not take me two months and many specialized materials to make (sorry, Gingers,  but you are high maintenance). It took me half a day and that included printing and taping together the PDF pattern. I see more of these in my future!


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