Ginger Jeans – The Real Deal

My wearable muslin pair of Gingers is almost finished and ready to wear. The waistband was way too big, so I need to take it out and remove a wedge from the back of the pants, then reinstall the waist band. After that, the legs need to be hemmed and we are ready for business. I don’t wear belts, so I won’t install belt loops.

For my ‘real’ pair, I ordered Theory Indigo Stretch Cotton Denim from Mood. I threw in the matching Gutermann thread because I have never used it before and want to see if I can tell a difference between it and the Coats and Clark thread that I normally sew with. I ordered grey top-stitching thread, a jeans zipper, jeans buttons, and rivets from Taylor Tailor. These are going to be a high class pair of Gingers, ya’ll. I plan on putting some sort of art deco design on the back pockets.

The best thing about my ‘slow sewing’ experiment so far is the ability to use really high quality materials because I am taking about 2 months to produce one garment. We’ll see how long I can keep up this kind of restraint!


2 thoughts on “Ginger Jeans – The Real Deal

    1. Thanks. I will have my muslin pair finished this weekend and will post pics. They were very easy to fit. Heather Lou has great tips on her Website about pattern adjustments and that helped me a lot.

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