Lolo Hat by Brooklyn Tweed

Yesterday it was almost a hat, today it is a little too much of a hat. This is Lolo by Brooklyn Tweed from Wool People Fall 2015. This hat is knit sideways and the brim widens out to make little ear flaps on each side. The construction of this hat is genius. I had the best time knitting it and was able to use up some precious Madeline Tosh leftovers from my (unblogged) Outlander Mystery Knit Along Shawl. I highly recommend this hat, even though it totally does not suit me.

hat 001

I have a little head and this is the smallest size offered, so obviously I have a child sized head on an adult body. Also, am I the only one thinking this looks like what the astronauts wear under their helmets?

I will reknit this using a smaller needle size and slightly modifying the pattern to produce a smaller hat. I think that will be a more flattering hat that will still keep my ears warm. This one will go in the donation pile.

hat 002Some highlights of this pattern are the applied i-cord edge, the shaping of the crown of the hat, and the graceful curve of the ear-flap portion. I know, graceful and ear-flap don’t get much press in the same sentence very often, but in this hat it works! Just not for my tiny head.

hat 003

Someone with a normal sized head will really appreciate this hat come winter!


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