Ginger Jeans – First Fitting

My Ginger Jeans are minus a waistband, but otherwise ready to try on.  The fit, so far, is pretty good. They are about 3 inches too long and about 2 inches too big in the waist. I am not crazy about my pocket placement either, but all of these things can be fixed in my next iteration.

I think that I can nip in the waist a little when I install the waistband, and before I cut my next pair, I will follow Heather Lou’s tutorial for fixing gaping at the waist. I used the full seat adjustment from the same page before I cut this pair of jeans because I am aware that I have a full seat. This has not been new information since I was called ‘big butt’ in the third grade.

This week I plan on installing the waistband, button, and rivets. I think that will be the most fun part of sewing jeans, using a hammer!  There have been many times I have wanted to take a hammer to my sewing, but never for a productive reason.

I am really enjoying taking my time and paying attention to detail as I sew this pattern.  The result will be a wearable muslin that will probably look better than my current pair of jeans. Happy sewing!


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