Myrna by Andi Sutterland

myrna 017

I am not making a rude finger gesture, I promise!  I just feel so ladylike in this sweater, that I wanted to hold my hands in a dainty way. It FELT like a ladylike way to arrange my hands. Just another example of my perception at odds with my reality!

However, I do like how I feel in this knit. It goes great with my high-waisted skirt from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. I love the way it fits, and I forgot to photograph the key-hole in the back, but it is very sweet.

Jessyka from the See Jane Make podcast was the inspiration to cast on this cardigan. She is knitting one herself, or was knitting one before her home flooded. (Wishing you a speedy renovation process!) She has got me totally hooked on Andi Sutterland patterns!

myrna 015

This pattern was a relatively quick knit that will be very wearable in my current wardrobe. The short sleeves make it a perfect transition piece and will be easy to wear under a coat. I still need to stabilize the button band, but I don’t have any ribbon that matches on-hand right now. The buttons were a gift from a friend who found them in an antique store. All-in all, this sweater is a win! Happy knitting.


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