I can haz ‘serged’ seams!


Ginger Jeans are rolling along. When I got to the first instruction that said to serge the seam, I went “hmmm”. I don’t own a serger, but I have borrowed one from my BFF. I currently have it in my closet. I know that it works because I had it worked on a few months ago. They demonstrated that fact for me at the shop.

When I got it home, I had already managed to un-thread it and life is JUST TOO SHORT!

So, when the Ginger Jeans directions said to serge the seams, I wondered what kind of fake overlock seam my sewing machine could do.  I had previously downloaded the manual, but see above as to why I have not read it cover to cover. However, I did find a very easy to watch 1 minute YouTube video that taught me which stitch number and foot to use for a faux overlocked seam. Yea. I already had the foot. Double Yea. Happy sewing!


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