Slow Sewing

jeans 001

I have been channeling the hare as my sewing spirit animal for the past few years. You know, crank out lots of mediocre projects that fit well enough, just to move on to the next project. That approach served the purpose of letting me practice lots of techniques and learn more about many different types of construction in a relatively short amount of time. It also taught me the ways in which my body differs from the standard pattern block, and the typical pattern alterations that I will most likely use for most pieces. This is all valuable information and has increased the volume of handmade garments in my wardrobe, but it has its limitations.

My new sewing spirit animal is the tortoise. S-L-O-W and steady wins the sewing race. The only person I am racing is, of course, myself. Now I want to take my time and practice my fitting and finishing techniques, not leaving a pattern or project until I have made the best version I can make, using the best materials that I can afford. If I am making less pieces per month, then they can be made with higher quality materials without breaking my ‘fun money’ budget.

The first pattern to try out my new slow sewing method is the Ginger Jeans pattern by Closet Case Files. I currently only own one pair of blue jeans because I have never liked the way jeans look on me. My waist to hips ratio is very large, so it has always been hard to find jeans that fit well. My plan with this pattern is to make the first version with some okay stretch denim that came from my local big box fabric store. These will be my possibly wearable muslin. Then, I will get some really nice denim and findings to make the ‘real’ version. These jeans may take me into the new year, but that is okay because I will have a great fitting pair of jeans when I am done.

I have already done a full butt adjustment and lengthened the crotch, as these are adjustments that I made for my Thurlow Trousers by Sewaholic and they fit really well. Even though these are just the muslin version, I am taking my time and pretending that they are the real version to practice my top-stitching and construction. Who knows, they may even turn out to be a pair of jeans that I wear as well!


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