Spinning Rolags


I still consider myself very much a beginning spinner. The joy in that is constant discovery, the process of trial and error, and delight in learning a new technique or how to handle different types of fibers.

So far, I have spun a silk hankie, a braid of Sheltand, two braids of silk and Merino, and four blended rolags from The Wooly Witch. This was my first experience spinning rolags and I found them much easier to draft than fiber from a braid. The fiber in the picture of The Waterhorse of Loch Ness colorwary, inspired by the series of Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon.

The colors are so beautiful and the spinning was so nice that I think I would like to spin another ounce of this same product. My plan is to pair it with a commercial yarn for a shawl that features a small pop of contrast color. I have been eyeing the Shell colorway from Camelia Fiber Company of Nashville, TN.  They only dye in small batches, so it is hard to come by. Fortunately, I have several projects on the go right now and am not in any hurry to cast on another. But, I always keep future ideas peculating in the back of my mind. Because if I woke up one day with nothing to knit, there would be trouble!


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