Half-Marathon Training

br oct 011

In three weeks I will take off on my seventh half-marathon adventure. Although, one can and does, argue that 13.1 miles is not HALF of anything! I have been loosely using the Another Mother Runner’s Half-Marathon Own It training plan from the book Train Like a Mother. I say loosely because I have been using it more like a suggestion than an actual plan. ¬†Basically, I have been having trouble getting in more than 20 miles per week and my long runs are not so long these days.

However, I loosely used it last February for the East Texas Half and ended up with a PR, so anything can happen on race day, right? Actually, I will probably run about like I have been training on race day, which is usually the case, but I am good with that this time around.

As my son gets older, he is more involved in extra-curricular activities and if I have to sacrifice some running time for that kind of stuff, I will earn my Mommy merit badge. What, no badges? Well, someone drove me to cheer practice, ball games, piano lessons, etc. for years, so let’s just say I am paying it forward. Actually, I love to watch him do his stuff. Add your typical proud mom platitudes here.

I haven’t forgotten about the Torching Ten challenge (in which I try to lose ten pounds), I just forgot how much I like to eat. I am down four pounds and have been hanging out there for awhile. The plan is for this post to get me motivated to push those numbers to double digits. So, expect more here about running and nutrition soon. Happy training!


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