Hand-spun Cowl


This is the braid that I bought in May at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival from Alisha Goes Around.  It is a silk and merino blend that was a lot of fun to spin. I spun it kind of chunky and plied into a two ply bulky yarn. (Of course, it was not consistent in thickness throughout!) I only had about 100 yards from an 8 ounce braid, so I decided to knit up an infinity cowl. I didn’t use a pattern for this, I just cast on until it looked long enough, knit about three rounds in garter stitch, and then knit in stockinette until I was almost out of yarn.  Then I finished off with another three rounds of garter stitch and a bind off.


It is very soft and I think it will be really warm. Even though I loved the colors in the braid, it came out a lot more white and yellow once it was spun and knit.  I think that this will be a donation for an upcoming hat, scarf, and glove drive for our local council on aging. I have been thinking lately about all of my ‘stuff’ and I really don’t need another scarf, and I know there are people who do. So, I am happy to give this away. I also plan on knitting some warm hats to add to my donation. Look for future posts about my journey to strike a balance between the joy of making and the responsibilities of ‘having’.  Happy knitting, spinning, sewing, and running!



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