Scarlett Racerback Bra by Ohhh Lulu!

I loved my Cloth Habit Watson Bra set so much that decided to try the Scarlett Racer back Bra by Ohhh Lulu.  This bra has two views, one with straps and one with a back made of stretch lace. Imagine wearing it under an open back T-shirt for date night.


First, I made view B with fabric left over from my Watson Bra Kit from Blackbird Fabrics. I also ordered a lace bra kit from Blackbird, which is where the black stretch lace and strapping and hardware on this bra came from. I ordered the black and gold arrow fold over elastic from Red Velvet Treasures on Etsy.


This is a soft cup bra, but is supportive enough for me. I cut a size medium, but the cups ended up being a little too floppy on the sides, so I cut them down a size for my next version. The band was also a little too loose, so I cut that down for future makes as well. I wore this bra to work on Friday and it was very comfortable all day long. I was worried that it would be hard to pull on, as it has no closures, but while I was imagining sports-bra style wrestling matches, it actually goes on very easily and stays put.


As my main fabric was lace, I treated both layers as one so that the seams from the lining fabric would not show through the lace. The directions have you sandwich the layers together for a clean finish from front and back. This is a technique I will use when I make this bra again with an opaque main fabric. In my next post, I will show you the lace back version, which is really a stunner!


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