Finished Object – Striped Socks

A few years ago I found one 50 gram ball of black Regia sock yarn in the sale bin at my LYS and I used it to sew watermelon seeds onto a Watermelon Sweater by Alana Dakos that I made for my cousin’s little girl. This used up about 10 yards of yarn, so I had plenty left, but not enough for two socks.  socks 061

When I saw the Plain Jane colorway of Vice Paradigm Sock yarn at my LYS about a month ago, I bought it without having any idea what I wanted to do with it. I don’t advise such irresponsible yarn shopping, but this time it worked out. The black Regia was the perfect foil to the psychedelic colors of the Plain Jane, so striped socks seemed like a good plan.  I learned how to do a jogless join about a third of the way into my second sock, so I count this project as a new technique opportunity as well. socks 062

I didn’t really use a pattern, I just knit 2×2 ribbing for about an inch and a half, then knit in stockinette for about 6 inches. I put in a rip cord for an afterthought heel, the knit the foot until it was 2.5 inches shorter than my foot, then began the toe.  Since my toes are not pointed, I don’t care for the usual  “decrease on both sides equally” toe.   I decrease on one side only each row until I have about twelve stitches left on each needle, then Kitchener it up for right and left toes that fit my foot shape. socks 065


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