Beginning Bra Sewing

When I first learned how to sew in Home Economics class in high school, I dreamed of sewing my own lingerie. However, with only my allowance money (!) and the local big box store as resources, that did not happen. Fast forward to the present where I have a real job and a whole world of resources at my keystroke and call via the internet, and I can make my own lingerie.


I started with the Watson Bra and Panty set by Cloth Habit as it looked beginner friendly and had great reviews with other sewing bloggers. This pattern was very easy to follow and had detailed instructions on stitch width and length at each step of construction. I tested it with some $2/ yard fabric and the cups were a little small, so when I made my real version with the fabric from my kit from Blackbird Fabrics I went up a cup size. I also shortened the height of the cradle and band as I am very short-waisted. I really like the finished bra. It is comfortable and gives a good shape under clothes. The only problem I had was that my sewing machine balked at every fabric combination I put under it this whole project. I will need to spend some quality time with the manual before I sew more lingerie, which I will be doing very soon!



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