Torching Ten Update – Week 3

I am happy to report that this week I ran 15 miles and torched one pound! I feel like I am on the road to getting back to my 20 mile per week average distance. This will get me ready for half marathon training in the fall. Strength training three times per week has also been key to helping me feel good and run well.

zoo run 019

As for the sciencey bit, straight from the “Duh” department, “They found that, those who identified themselves as being ‘overweight’ were more likely to report overeating in response to stress and this predicted subsequent weight gain.” This quote is from Science Daily about a research study that finds a correlation between people thinking they are overweight and gaining more weight as time passes. The article is titled, “Believing You Are Overweight May Lead to Further Weight Gain.”  The abstract is not very specific about the statistics used the analyze the data, but my take away is that beating yourself up about extra pounds is counter productive and that a positive attitude towards yourself will help when making any lifestyle changes. Again, duh!


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