Spinning Merino and Silk

This year at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival in Vicksburg, MS, I bought some fiber from Alisha Goes Around.  The braid was 8 ounces of 80% Merino and 20% silk in an emerald green, white, and golden yellow colorway. This is the second braid of Merino/ silk that I have spun and it was very soft and easy to work with. I spun the singles on my light drop spindle and plied the two ply yarn on my larger Ashford drop spindle.

yarn 001

As you can see, some of the mini skeins are a bulky weight and some are more of a DK weight. I started out spinning thicker singles, but got better at drafting the fiber out finer as I went.  The photos do not really show the intensity of the emerald greens or the golden tones of the yellows. This fiber was very enjoyable for spinning and I would buy from Alisha Goes Around again if I ever catch her at a festival.

yarn 003The yarn needs to be washed, but I have so many knitting projects on the go right now, I am in no hurry. The yield is about 150 – 200 yards of yarn in various weights. I am planning to knit this into a mobius cowl in plain stockinette to show off the beautiful color changes in the yarn.


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