RocketChix Triathlon

Two RocketChix

In the interest of Torching Ten and having fun with my sister, I participated in the RocketChix triathlon this weekend, on the campus of Louisiana State University. This was a sprint distance, women’s only triathlon that offered a very friendly atmosphere. Several years ago, I was very into triathlon, but felt that I should give it up, as it was a very solo activity for me and, as a result, caused me to be very focused on myself; my workouts, my results, my gear, etc. At about the same time, I was blessed to join an AMAZING group of women runners who changed my focus and greatly enriched my life. I did not miss triathlon.

My sister started getting interested in triathlon about the time I started to just train for half-marathons and relays, we just missed getting to race together.  We did one mini-tri together in 2013, but the timing was not right again until this year.  The experience of a sister-bonding weekend coupled with a fun race was something that I will not forget and plan on repeating. It looks like I will repeat it sooner than I thought, as today she sent me a link to an upcoming duathlon.


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