The Week in Motion – Crossfit

As the calendar marches toward fall and fall races, I have been dabbling in some Crossfit training to shore up my running. I tried a workout at a semi-local box called The Barn, and loved it, but driving one and a half hours round trip for a 45 minute workout doesn’t seem to make much sense. Especially when I can do most of the exercises at home with stuff we already have.

So, I have been using workouts from Crossfit Quest of Humble, TX. I really like the way they structure their workouts; they all include a warm up, strength component, and then the work out of the day (wod). There is usually some sprinting in the warm up and the wod, which I love.

My non-running fitness goal is to do a handstand pushup. As my regular pushups are far from perfect, I have a ways to go, but expect photos when I get there. Happy week in motion!


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