Dark Pearl KAL by Carol Feller

I know better than to troll Raverly when I already have enough projects on the needles to get me through 2015, but I can’t seem to help myself. That is how I became involved in the Dark Pearl KAL to celebrate Carol Feller’s 150th knitting pattern. She has partnered with Briar Rose Fibers to create a beautiful sweater using their Sea Pearl yarn (merino and tencel). I was so taken with the sample in the pattern photos, that I ordered some Sea Pearl for myself. I emailed to ask if they could dye me some ‘stormy sea’ Sea Pearl and the answer was yes! I felt like a celebrity having yarn dyed at my whim. To keep the stormy sea theme going, I found these fantastic buttons from Confanetto on Etsy. This is going to be a show stopping sweater, folks. The Dark Pearl pattern is being released a bit at time, with prizes along the way for those who finish each part as it is released. There is still time to get your Dark Pearl fix is you so desire, or just stay tuned to see how mine turns out. Can I keep up with the KAL, or will I join 5 others before the summer is over? Happy knitting.



2 thoughts on “Dark Pearl KAL by Carol Feller

  1. Oh it’s lovely! I do love those buttons, too!

    (Also, I am so glad I am not the only one that has more than enough projects kicking around! 😛 )

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