Thankful Thursday – Time to Sew

This week I am so thankful for having some time to sew! I have so many project already planned and cut out that have been languishing waiting for my attention. The next few weeks I will finally be able to sew them up. The Simplicity 1884 top came out well with the smaller size back piece, but the back collar still gaps a little.  I will have to consult my sewing books for how to alter a pattern for back neck gapage.

001 002


Next up on the machine will be my LATE entry for Sew Indie Month. Happy sewing!


WIP Wednesday – Simplicity 1884 Top

I liked my Simplicity 1884 dress so much that I immediately cut myself a top from the same pattern in a lycra fabric. I had intended for this fabric to be a wrap dress, and I asked the lady at the fabric store to cut 3 yards, but she only cut one and I didn’t want to cause a fuss, so I just went with it. The bolt was new and huge and I know where to go if I want more. The only thing that I don’t like about this fabric is that is is completely synthetic and will melt if the iron is to hot (ask me how I know…). I should be finished with this easy summer top today, so look for it on Friday. Happy sewing.


Finished Friday – A Successful School Year!

The 2013-2014 school year is officially over for our school. My students did well on their state assessments and I met most of my professional goals this year. Of course, there is always room for improvement and I have lots of teacher books to read this summer to improve my practice, but first lots of knitting and sewing will happen. Lots of yoga and running will also happen. My husband is jokingly calling this “The Summer of Stacy.” 


Work in Progress Wednesday – Fire Drake Shawl

A few weeks ago, I got a lovely swap package from cibola, a fellow listener of the Caithness Craft Collective podcast. The package included this Cascade sock yarn, which I quickly decided would be a Fire Drake Shawl by Erica Jackofsky.  Louise, the host of the CCC podcast, is having a knit along with the swap yarn that will last until the end of June. You don’t have to participate in the swap to join the knit along, just grab 100 grams of your favorite fingering weight yarn and jump in! Happy knitting.


Made It Monday – Simplicity 1884

It has been awhile since I have had a finished garment to show off, so you will get many photos today! This dress is made from organic cotton from The Loopy Ewe in a Japanese print, and it is already a favorite. The fabric is light but crisp and the wave print reminds me of a woodcut illustration. As with most Big 4 patterns, I had some fitting issues, but I added back darts to take up some of the extra fabric in the back. My next version of this pattern will be a top , so I cut a small back with a medium front to see if that will help the back fit better, too. I really like the neckline on this dress; it is flattering and not too difficult to sew. The Loopy Ewe has lots of beautiful organic cotton prints that I can choose from for many future versions while I tweak the fit.  Happy sewing.

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Finished Friday – Vintage Bouquet Shawl

Just in time for the end of school, I finished the Vintage Bouquet Shawl by Dani Sunshine as a gift for the paraprofessional who works with my students. All of my knitted gifts were well received and I was SO glad that I had spent the time making something so personal for my work friends. Students are now done with school and teachers will be done soon, so I will have more time for knitting, sewing, running, reading, and writing! Happy knitting, everyone.

DSC_0055 DSC_0056

Work In Progress Wednesday – Terribly Simple by Caitlin ffrench

Over two years ago, when I was a new knitter, I ordered some (now defunct) Cakewalk yarn in the colorway Hero Squad.  This yarn started out as the Wedge socks by Cookies A, but the yarn did not have a lot of stretch and the socks were not working out. I put them away for awhile, and just lately had the courage to rip them out and start the Terribly Simple shawl by Caitlin ffrench. I may find an easy lace pattern to add onto the end of it, but for now I am just enjoying the garter stitch. It is just what I need after a day of teaching students who are ready for summer vacation. I asked my son if the colors looked like clown barf and he said no, it looked like fairy barf. So, this is my fairy barf shawl. Happy knitting!


Sewing Saturday – Simplicity 1884

My Mother’s Day gift was this lovely organic cotton fabric from The Loopy Ewe. I am making view A, the sun dress from Simplicity 1884. The arm holes are finished with bias tape, which I LOVE to make. So far, I have done everything except for finishing the neckband and bottom hem. There is a lot of extra fabric in the back, so I am going to add some back darts, probably from the Deer and Doe Huckleberry blouse pattern. I think this will be a dress that I will wear a lot this summer. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!


Finished Friday – Hubby’s Etsy Store and Couch Pillows

My husband paints as a hobby. This thrills me because he ‘gets it’ when I need to knit or sew as a creative outlet. This weekend we had a booth for his work at a local craft fair and it was well received. Neither of us are salespeople by personality, so we were surprised when people actually bought stuff. I also set up his etsy store so people who took his card would be able to purchase after the show was over. There are still a few pieces to add, but mostly it is up and running. Now that the second couch pillow is complete and my online classes are over, I see much garment sewing in my near future. Happy sewing.

Haybarn in Snow by Willis Wilburn
Haybarn in Snow by Willis Wilburn