Kasey’s Heart and Soul 10K

A hand-made, tissue paper decorated finish line!
A hand-made, tissue paper decorated finish line!

The Lion’s Club has a memorial run each year for a young lady who was a former counselor at Lion’s Club camps. The group that I am lucky enough to be a part of ran this 10K as a tune-up for our Nashville Half. This is the most family friendly, well planned race that I have ever seen. The prizes were printed canvases designed by, I assume, a camper, and the  finishers’ medals were dog tags printed with the same design. They read, “Because God made you, that’s why I love you.”

My time was 1:09, which is an 11:06 pace per mile. This is not a great time, and certainly not a pace that will get a PR in Nashville, but I was happy with it anyway. Coming back from minor injuries and illnesses, I am thrilled with anything faster than 12 minute miles. But, I would like to clock a 2:20 or less in Nashville, so I will be doing some speedwork in the coming weeks. And strength training to prevent future injuries.

A few years ago, when I ran by myself I was much more focused on my performance. Now that I run with some of my best friends, I just feel blessed to be surrounded by a group of positive, Godly women who love me despite my faults.



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