Sewing Saturday – Tru Fit Patterns Class

Saturday was a first for me, a pattern making ‘class’. I put the class in quotation marks because it was a thinly veiled sales pitch for Tru Fit Patterns.  While I did learn some valuable information and was given a pants fitting DVD (how timely!), I did not feel the need to purchase any of the Tru Fit materials. Participants were provided with 6 miniature patterns and a measuring tool that will allow the drafting of pattern pieces based on bust and hip measurements. I will probably use one or two of them, but they are very basic and the blouse pattern has no shaping. I do think that using these will give me a starting point in playing around with pattern making in the future, but I am not quite there yet. Presently I am very happy to use the lovely patterns that I already own while learning to make pattern adjustments. All in all, I don’t feel the time was wasted. Especially since I sat quietly knitting a sock in the back row.  Happy sewing! 006


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