Finished Friday – Scrappy Socks

These are socks for my son made from left over yarn from two other pair of socks. The green yarn is Hazel Knits sock yarn and the striped yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts mill ends. They two went together really well and I had enough to make a pair of socks with yarn left over for mending. I used my new favorite heel treatment, the afterthought heel, which makes the sock look weird when folded, but fits my foot better than a gusset heel. I don’t think my son has a preference either way. He only cares about loud colors!  Happy knitting. greek 009 greek 010


Ava’s Neckwarmer – Finished

My first crochet project is complete. A little crooked, maybe, but complete. I used the Helen Neckwarmer pattern by  Michelle Mooney and some yummy yarn from String Theory Yarn to make this scarf for my niece.  I haven’t given it to her yet, but she knows it is coming. When I see her I will get  a photo of her wearing it.

greek 005 greek 006

Copy Cat Knitting

As the school year turns the corner and rounds for home, I was thinking about what to give my son’s math and science teacher. She is fabulous, he loves her, and she is also my partner teacher. I love her, too, and wanted to get her something special. The theme for her classroom this year is owls, so when I saw Rachel’s post about her Hogwart’s Express shawl I decided to copy be inspired by her good taste.

Photo by Susan Ashcroft, the designer of Hogwart’s Express.


My yarn has come in the mail today, so I am sure that I will cast on tonight and knit like crazy to finish it before May. The only problem is I have a lovely teacher’s helper who also needs a knit shawl. I will have work fast. Maybe I will stalk Rachel’s queue for more ideas…

Work in Progress – Vogue V1342

Two weeks ago when I attended the Tru Fit Patterns class at my local big box sewing store, I just so happened to browse the Vogue Patterns catalogue. I have several things already cut out and ready to go, but this pattern rudely cut in the line. My wedding anniversary is coming up and this Donna Karan pattern resembles a Halloween costume that my husband finds very attractive. Since I can’t wear my Halloween costume out to dinner, I bought the pattern while it was on sale. Girl Charlee had some cotton Spandex fabric in Prussian Blue. I already had some tricot from a failed underwear making experiment, so I was ready to go. This pattern is marked “Advanced” so I am curious to see if my sewing skills rate that highly. I am taking my time and making a dress to last. I will keep you updated with my progress. Happy sewing.

This is the nicest fabric that I have worked with to date. Girl Charlee claims it is a designer overstock score.
This is the nicest fabric that I have worked with to date. Girl Charlee claims it is a designer overstock score.

The Week in Motion

Last week was very busy with work and school tasks, but I still managed to run 14 miles. This is much less than what I should be running with a half marathon around the corner, but it was what I could manage. This week I will be running hill repeats to build strength in my legs for a hilly course in Nashville. I will also be doing some speedwork to get my per mile pace under 11 minutes for longer runs. Happy week in motion.

Kasey’s Heart and Soul 10K

A hand-made, tissue paper decorated finish line!
A hand-made, tissue paper decorated finish line!

The Lion’s Club has a memorial run each year for a young lady who was a former counselor at Lion’s Club camps. The group that I am lucky enough to be a part of ran this 10K as a tune-up for our Nashville Half. This is the most family friendly, well planned race that I have ever seen. The prizes were printed canvases designed by, I assume, a camper, and the  finishers’ medals were dog tags printed with the same design. They read, “Because God made you, that’s why I love you.”

My time was 1:09, which is an 11:06 pace per mile. This is not a great time, and certainly not a pace that will get a PR in Nashville, but I was happy with it anyway. Coming back from minor injuries and illnesses, I am thrilled with anything faster than 12 minute miles. But, I would like to clock a 2:20 or less in Nashville, so I will be doing some speedwork in the coming weeks. And strength training to prevent future injuries.

A few years ago, when I ran by myself I was much more focused on my performance. Now that I run with some of my best friends, I just feel blessed to be surrounded by a group of positive, Godly women who love me despite my faults.


Finished Friday – Simplicity 2556

I finally got some buttons to finish up this vest, so that I could have a swell suit to wear for work. Just in time, too, as the principal came to observe my teaching this week. Simplicity 2556 is a Project Runway pattern that offers lots of options for vests. I would use it again, as it is a great way to use up leftover fabric and I love to match. I know that matching clothing is ‘out’ but I still think it looks nice and I only dress to please myself, so I’ll match if I want to. The pencil skirt pattern came from Gertie’s New Book For Better Sewing, and is my second version.  I highly recommend this book, it is a fabulous sewing reference and has some cute retro patterns. I currently have more sewing projects than I have time for, but Spring Break approaches so I should have some quality sewing time then.  I hope you have plenty of quality sewing time this week. 003 005Happy sewing!

Work in Progress Wednesday – Helen Neckwarmer

The Helen Neckwarmer is a crochet pattern by Michelle Mooney. My niece has claimed this neckwarmer and she is very excited about the fish buttons. The yarn, String Theory Bulky Merino in Poseidon, matches the Daybreak Shawl that I knit for my sister a couple of years ago. So, they can be mommy and me matchy-matchy. I will try to get a picture of that cuteness when the neckwarmer is finished. Happy crocheting! 002

Sewing Saturday – Tru Fit Patterns Class

Saturday was a first for me, a pattern making ‘class’. I put the class in quotation marks because it was a thinly veiled sales pitch for Tru Fit Patterns.  While I did learn some valuable information and was given a pants fitting DVD (how timely!), I did not feel the need to purchase any of the Tru Fit materials. Participants were provided with 6 miniature patterns and a measuring tool that will allow the drafting of pattern pieces based on bust and hip measurements. I will probably use one or two of them, but they are very basic and the blouse pattern has no shaping. I do think that using these will give me a starting point in playing around with pattern making in the future, but I am not quite there yet. Presently I am very happy to use the lovely patterns that I already own while learning to make pattern adjustments. All in all, I don’t feel the time was wasted. Especially since I sat quietly knitting a sock in the back row.  Happy sewing! 006