Finished Friday – Afterthought Heel Socks

There has not been much excitement this week on the knitting front. I have just been working on socks and keeping up with daily life. The afterthought heel on these socks is the best fitting heel type that I have tried so far. The yarn is Malabrigo sock leftover from Grammie’s Shawl. It feels so good on my feet, but it is so soft that I expect to put holes in it the second I put it into a shoe. I kept the small ball of yarn that was left for future repairs. The first afterthought heel was a HUGE pain to do, as I knit the waste yarn row with yarn that did not have enough contrast to my sock yarn. I learned my lesson and knit the waste row for the heel of the second sock with bright red skinny cotton embroidery thread, and it was MUCH easier to pick out. There will be more afterthought heels in my future! Happy knitting.

002 003


7 thoughts on “Finished Friday – Afterthought Heel Socks

  1. I love them! The yarn is so pretty. My husband’s aunt asked me if I’d do either 3 or 4 pairs of socks a few years ago for her to give as gifts. She’s done a lot for us over the years, so I said yes but I swear afterthought heels saved me. I’m not sure I’d have gotten them done on time if I’d done gusset heels! 😛

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