Musing Monday – Shakespeare’s Star Wars

One of life’s great mysteries is how my little, rural community can have the BEST public library with the BEST librarians. But, as with most of life’s other great mysteries, I try not to think about it too much. 

However, when I see a book like William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher on the New Books shelf, I have to wonder if there is Divine intervention involved.  As a fan of both Star Wars and Shakespeare, I might have squealed a little. (On a side note, parental enthusiasm, once so cherished by a toddler, becomes embarrassing to a 9 year old.) 

My first thought was that some clever writer had combined the two cultural phenomena out of love for both. How cute and funny. But, upon reading the Afterword, I learned that there is a very real literary connection between Star Wars and the play of William Shakespeare. Since my reading class had just found similar themes in Aesop’s Fables and Native American folktales, with rich discussion about how this could be possible, I was thrilled to read about the connection. I won’t tell you what it is, get the book and read it yourself, please. This book makes me want to teach literature to older students so that we can really get into Shakespeare. I will have to settle to teaching my own personal student here at home. He already likes Star Wars, and we are working on the rest.  Happy reading! 



6 thoughts on “Musing Monday – Shakespeare’s Star Wars

  1. I bought this for a friend for Christmas – she’s a keen Star Wars fan & has a doctorate in Shakespeare studies. I though she’d find it amusing! Of course, I also gave her some good fabric & a couple of sewing patterns, just to do the job properly.

  2. I got the book for Christmas, and find it hilarious. I had a group of friends over one day, and we ended up doing a dramatic reading of the entire first act. I highly recommend it, if you can get a good group over.

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