Sewing Saturday – Prep Work

It turns out that after a few years of weekly wear thrift store pants begin to get a little threadbare. So one of my current sewing missions is to make myself some new pants. I happen to need work pants, weekend adventure pants, and around the house pants.  Since I go to work 5 days a week, I am starting with work pants, specifically the Thurlow Trousers from Sewaholic. I am using some black and teal quilting cotton to make a wearable muslin of the shorts version. There are about a million pieces in a pair of shorts with pockets and a zipper, so today I have just been cutting.

My plan is to make a brown pair and a black pair for work, and then to move on to the Named Sara Leggings that I have already tested on scrap fabric.  These will be my weekend pants, for when I want to look cool. I will keep you posted of my pants project progress. Happy sewing! 007


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