Mildly Frustrated Friday

Valentine’s Day at an elementary school is no joke. We have taught them to be good friends and to think of others since August, so of course you can pass out your 50 Valentine cards and enormous bags of candy, sweetie. Even though this ritual was contained until the last 30 minutes of the day, they knew it was coming and were circling the candy like sharks during a feeding frenzy happy, sharing citizens.

Nevertheless, we made it through the day unscathed, with no hurt feelings, and with most of our assignments complete. Just as I was beginning to be lulled into Friday afternoon relaxation mode, SPOING. What was that? A shooting pain ran through my knee and I doubled over. “I need a wheelchair,” I thought and I began to stretch in the copy room. As I hobbled back to my classroom, massaging just to the inside of my kneecap, my thoughts were on the Nashville Half Marathon I would be running in April. Disappointment, fear, and jealousy of all people without knee pain ran through my mind.

Upon arriving home to ice my knee on the couch and scrap my planned 8 miles for tomorrow, I rationalized that I probably just need a rest and new shoes. I have had tendonitis issues before, and have most likely added miles back too fast. At least while I rest my knee this weekend I will have a box of chocolates to keep me company. Happy Valentine’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Mildly Frustrated Friday

    1. I fell off the PT exercise wagon around October and when I checked my records found that my running shoes are 9 months old. Essentially, I was asking for it. An ounce of prevention and all that.

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