Finished Friday – Rye Socks and Red Velvet Tunic

There has not been much knitting and sewing this week because there has been much school work and running. As my students near the date of their state testing, my focus narrows to their strengths and weaknesses as readers and writers. I did, however, manage to finish another pair of Rye socks by Tin Can Knits. These are the reverse color combination of the first pair and of course my son wears them mismatched. No matter how much we tell him that people will tease him for wearing mismatched socks, he does it anyway. And, strangely, no one makes fun of him. We are blessed to have a small, friendly school were differences are accepted and celebrated. (Good thing for me!)


I also picked apart the waistband seams on the Cake Sewing Patterns Red Velvet tunic in order to narrow the waistband. I was not sure about the brightness of the colors, but the fourth grade girls loved it, so it seems like a good work outfit. Maybe dressing loudly is the key to getting female students engaged. Who knows? Happy knitting and sewing.



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