Sewing Saturday – Lotta Lady Bag by Maria Denmark

As a New Year’s gift, Maria Denmark is offering her new pattern, the Lotta Lady Bag, for free until January 5, 2014.  Which means you have one day to get your pattern and take advantage of the other sales on her website. Go now, I’ll wait. I can highly recommend the Day -To-Night Drape Top and the Kirsten Kimono Tee. The Laura Lounge Trousers are on my pattern wish list.


My first Lotta Lady Bag will be made out of some laminated fabric that I have already made a few bags from. I am lining it with some shiny, white fabric because I can never find things in a bag with a dark lining. (Also, I had this shiny, white fabric and would like to use it.)

I decided to put in three interior pockets for my chap stick, keys, cell phone, pens, etc. Who wants to dig around in their purse while they are trying to look like a lady? Not me, it takes all of my mental effort to remember to sit up straight. Go get your bag patterns, ladies, it’s a new year and we want to look good.


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