Race Cancelled? DIY!

The 2013 St. Jude Memphis Marathon was cancelled due to inclement weather. This did not directly affect my running crew, as we have opted to run the St. Jude Nashville Half in 2014 instead of the Memphis Half as we did in 2011 and 2012. But, it did affect Liz, another local runner, who put a call out for other runners who wanted to run with her around the local fairgrounds. A DIY marathon, if you will.

So, today we put on our matching shirts and drove to the fairgrounds (in inclement weather) to run a lap for Liz. She actually decided only to do a half marathon because the weather report was predicting tornadoes, and we’re tough and all but that’s just not good sense.

This was the first time I have run with my girls in two months due to work schedules, my friend S’s amazing theatrical talents (she was in a play, she was great), and the early sunsets. We had a blast, I don’t think I shut up for the whole 5.6 miles. We all needed some running mojo this winter and we made some new running friends. Happy week in motion!

My headband says "Sole Sister" but you can't read it in this photo.
My headband says “Sole Sister” but you can’t read it in this photo.

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