Seam Allowance Project – A Year in Review

In early 2013 I joined the Seam Allowance Project on Ravelry. This is a pledge to handmade at least 25% of your clothing. The goal I set for myself in 2013 was 10% since I teach and am taking courses towards my gifted education certification.  However, when I took a closet inventory recently, I was surprised to discover that out of 88 items of clothing, 24 of them are handmade which gives me a percentage of 27! I only counted my ‘good clothes’, clothes I wear to work, church,  or out in public. I did not count sweatpants, around the house clothes, accessories, or workout clothes. Hopefully, I can increase this percentage in 2014. Happy crafting.


Musing Monday – Transfer of Skills

As I reflect on my first semester of teaching fourth grade reading this year,  I see that my students are getting very skilled at using reading strategies in a whole group discussion, in small groups, and in isolated pieces of text. But, when asked to read and think about a piece of text that requires multiple strategies, or to apply these same strategies to their writing, they have trouble. Part of this situation is just the need for more practice, but I can’t help thinking that there is more than I could be doing to support my students as they internalize these skills of good readers and writers. To this end, I have found a few research articles that may shed some light on how students transfer skills across situations. Next Monday I will summarize my findings here. In the meantime, please comment if you have any insights into supporting students as they expand their toolbox of reading and writing strategies.

Jayashri Pullover KAL Update

Remember this?  Yes, it’s the Jayashri Pullover by Meghan Jones for Knit Picks. The All Night Knitter and I are knitting along with anyone else who wants to join. I am feverishly trying to finish this up during my Christmas break from school. This morning I bound off the neckline. The only thing left is to pick up stitches and finish the contrast color collar (alliteration, anyone?). Oh, and graft underarms, knit the button tabs, find and install buttons, weave in ends, block, and photograph.  Happy knitting, everyone. 007

Finished Friday – Cambrian Cowl By Alana Dakos

021 020Coastal Knits was a Christmas gift from my mother last year, and so far I have knit the Water’s Edge Cardigan, Branching Out Mitts, and now the Cambrian Cowl. The yarn was a bulky merino from String Theory Yarns. I have LOVED every yarn base of theirs that I have tried, and their customer service is superior. This was an easy, relaxing knit on beautiful yarn. It knit up quickly and would be great for gifts, but I am keeping this one for myself.

Race Cancelled? DIY!

The 2013 St. Jude Memphis Marathon was cancelled due to inclement weather. This did not directly affect my running crew, as we have opted to run the St. Jude Nashville Half in 2014 instead of the Memphis Half as we did in 2011 and 2012. But, it did affect Liz, another local runner, who put a call out for other runners who wanted to run with her around the local fairgrounds. A DIY marathon, if you will.

So, today we put on our matching shirts and drove to the fairgrounds (in inclement weather) to run a lap for Liz. She actually decided only to do a half marathon because the weather report was predicting tornadoes, and we’re tough and all but that’s just not good sense.

This was the first time I have run with my girls in two months due to work schedules, my friend S’s amazing theatrical talents (she was in a play, she was great), and the early sunsets. We had a blast, I don’t think I shut up for the whole 5.6 miles. We all needed some running mojo this winter and we made some new running friends. Happy week in motion!

My headband says "Sole Sister" but you can't read it in this photo.
My headband says “Sole Sister” but you can’t read it in this photo.

Half Finished Friday – Buffalo Sock

So, here is one of my son’s buffalo socks from Knitting Rose Budding Sock yarn.  I am hoping to get the other sock finished before 2014. Just in time, too, as his pair from last year out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight are getting to be more darning than knitting. But, that is what happens when you wear your hand knit socks at least once per week for a year!


Work in Progress Wednesday – Jayashri KAL

Slow but steady, right? That describes the progress on my Jayashri Pullover for the KAL hosted by Musings and Motion and All Night Knits. Tonight I finished the second cap sleeve and am currently giving them a gentle block before I attach them to the sweater! I am hoping to finish the sweater by the end of January, so I can wear it this season. What about you guys what are knitting along? How is it coming?


Sewing Saturday

Last year I attempted handmade gifts for just about everyone, so this year I am only making four gifts. At my school we have professional learning communities where teachers get together once per week to collaborate on our teaching and learning. This year we named our groups by colors and my group chose silver. We quickly amended that to the Silver Foxes since we all have gray hair and, of course, are foxy. So when I found this gray fox material on I paired it with the Cake Sewing Patterns Mini Clutch (a free pattern, check it out!) and was off to the races.  We have our last meeting of the year this Wednesday, so I am sewing on a deadline! Happy sewing, friends.

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