Felf Friday

The first great thing about Cat Bordhi’s The Art of Felfs is that all proceeds go to promising breast cancer research. The second great thing about Felfs is that since they are garter stitch on big needles and you felt them anyway, you can knit them with your eyes closed if your eyes are too irritated to look at knitting. The third great thing is that they are very squishy and comfortable. I knit my pair of ballet felfs out of Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool that I bought for a Dude sweater for my husband. As they are my first foray into felting, I am pretty pleased with them. My son wants the cowboy boot felfs, but he wants some Lego mittens first. My eyes better stay strong, I have a lot of knitting to do. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend.



5 thoughts on “Felf Friday

  1. I too have yet to try felting. All that hard work and then you deliberately ‘spoil’ them. I am not sure that I get it. The only felting I do is the accidental find. Yours look lovely and comfy though.

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