Work in Progress Wednesday – Everything

I want to knit everything, RIGHT NOW. It must be the chill in the air, or that fact that school is so busy I have very little knitting time, but all I want to do is knit and purl. These are the three main projects that I am working on this week: Jayashri pullover KAL with All Night Knits, plain vanilla boy socks from Knitting Rose Budding sock yarn with bison, and my Gossypium cowl with Lorna’s Laces Sheperd worsted.  I also have a couple of sewing things on the go, but don’t tell my knitting.


I haven’t started knitting felfs yet, but here is some of an email from Cat Bordhi about the felf project: ”

As of this morning (November 6, 2014) we've donated $14,000 to David's lab. My goal is millions, because he will need that much to move ahead without pause. He's ready for clinical trials which will prove the efficacy of the method and make it ultimately available to all. Once funding catches up, he can begin. If you will share your feelings about this with other knitters, and send them to, it will help - let's keep this ball rolling! The book also makes a great gift for any knitter on your list."

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