Revel 15K Run

race 004
This scultpture is called ‘Safe Harbor’ but always makes me want a cup of tea.
race 006
I wish that was my half marathon time. Maybe someday…

I don’t think I can truly call this a ‘race report’ as I was not in shape to race today, but it was more of a test run for an upcoming half marathon in November. The weather was hot and muggy and I turned in my usual 11 minutes and change pace for a total time of 1:44 over 9.3 miles. Not a stellar performance by any means, but any day that I am able to run is a good day for me. This also lets me know that my focus needs to be on speed work for the next 5 weeks. I had no trouble going the distance, I just couldn’t go any faster. Both of my running friends who were there left me in their dust, but I am okay with that since it was K’s first 9 miler and she looked great.  The race was on the river and my country girl brain could not stop checking the urban bike path for snakes. I laughed to myself every time I realized what I was doing. race 001 race 002


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