Traveling Woman – Finished

Traveling Woman
Traveling Woman


Just in time for my mother-in-law’s birthday, the Traveling Woman shawl by Liz Abinante is finished.  It blocked beautifully and the beads are subtle, yet sparkly.  I can’t wait to give it to her!


Stitching Saturday

Last May my mom, my son, and I jumped in the car and went to the Magnolia State Fiber Fest in Vicksburg, Mississippi. One of the vendors there was Knitting Rose of the Knitting Rose Podcast.  My son went straight to her Budding Sock yarn and picked out this vibrant colorway for his next pair of hand-knit socks. The special thing about the Budding Sock yarn is the fiber content; it is 10% bison fiber and 90% superwash merino.  The bison fiber is machine washable so these socks will be able to be thrown into the wash with all the regular clothes. That makes them perfect for boys who sometimes forget about the ‘hand wash only’ basket.  I am curious to see how they hold up during the fall and winter as we are planning to visit the Magnolia State Fiber Fest again this spring. Happy stitching. 002

Finished Friday – Skeleton Dragon and Airelle Blouse

Well, my Fall break came and went, but I was able to finish up some projects and get some chores done, too. The first priority was finishing up the wings and tail for my son’s Halloween costume before my aunt’s Halloween party. He has since worn it to school for ‘Book Character Day’ and to the Fall carnival.  I am not aware of any children’s books that feature skeleton dragons as characters, but he got away with just a dragon book. His friends were impressed when we turned the lights out to watch a video and his ‘bones’ started to glow in the dark. He was happy, so I am happy.

halloween 002 halloween 008


halloween 009


The Airelle Blouse, which I just realized this week translates to Huckleberry Blouse, is a pattern that I will make over and over. I feel the same way about the Pavot (or Poppy) Jacket. Both patterns are from Deer and Doe and I love the way they look.  Happy sewing.

Thankful Thursday

Today I got to spend some rare kid-free time with my husband and I was once again reminded of how much I LIKE this guy. I always know that I love him, but it is cool every time I realize again how much I like to be with him. Not talking about kid stuff, or schedules, or house stuff, just hangin’ out.

Work in Progress Wednesday – Pencil Skirt

My next sewing project is another pencil skirt from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. The fabric is just some thick brown suiting from a big box fabric store, nothing special, but the pattern is lovely and my first pencil skirts fits so well that I must need another. I plan on cutting it out this weekend and getting most of the big seams done.


My current knitting projects include my Jayashri Pullover from the KAL that Rachel (All Night Knits) and I are hosting, as well as some socks that I will talk about later. The yarn deserves its own post!  Happy crafting.

The Week in Motion

Last week I logged 14 miles and had no long run. Our schedules are changing around here and I need to sort out when to do which workout each week.  Until then I will just enjoy running and other forms of exercise in whatever quantities I can get them.  Happy week in motion.

5K Saturday

Mark it in the books, we have another racer in the family. My son completed his first 5K road race today, and he enjoyed every mile. We ran until he needed a walk break, then we walked until he was ready to run again. Rinse, repeat, finish line, banana. The last mile was mostly walking because when he runs with me he only goes about 2 miles, but he claims that he is ready to do another. Since he was three I have been waiting for him to be old enough to run 5K races with me, so he made my day.

He's the little one.
He’s the little one.

Finished Friday – Espresso Leggings and Vanilla Socks

Finally, a knitting project is off the needles: a vanilla pair of socks for a family friend. These socks will be on their way to Virginia soon, just in time for cool weather.001


Yesterday we went to see a local Lego Castle exhibit, so I had to pose by the Lego dragon with my WILD Espresso Leggings by Cake Sewing Patterns. I made another pair this week, but failed to realize that the sweater knit material I chose was not stretchy enough for this project. These will be gifted to a much smaller friend.

lego 009 lego 032



Work in Progress Wednesday – Airelle Blouse by Deer and Doe

Lots of sewing this week at my house, including finishing another Kirsten Kimono Tee by Maria Denmark. This top if fun and a quick sew. I put a band on the bottom for an even more casual look.

blog 001

My next project is another Airelle Blouse by Deer and Doe. This version is in an emerald green with a cream knit collar and cuffs.  Progress continues on the Halloween costume and I have two pairs of Espresso Leggings to show you on Friday. Happy sewing.

blog 002